Kenji Mazaki

Nickname: Kenji’s brother (Ken-ni)

Date of birth: May 3, 1978

43 years old (as of May 13, 2021)


Cardiopulmonary arrest at age 2 (miraculously resuscitated)

Developmental disability (ADHD)

He was a problem child in the 6th grade, had no friends in the 2nd grade, and was at the bottom of the grade in high school.

⇒Failed the teacher employment exam 7 times (2 times in a year)

Fear of other people (first year of working life)

Separated from my children due to divorce (I experienced the worst time in my life)

Work experience and educational background

Principal of “Oshieru Gakko” from April 2020

I want to teach even if I have to pay for it! I want to teach even if I have to pay for it!

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Past history
High school teacher (health and physical education): 18 years in Gifu Prefecture (including 3 years as a lecturer), 2 years in Aichi Prefecture (part-time lecturer)

Traveled around the world (in 2017, I used the self-development program and experienced 31 countries in 251 days).

Overseas sports coaching (Tanzania, Nepal, Taiwan)


Lecture activities (Tokyo, Kagoshima, Aichi, Gifu, etc.) Also conducted in Taiwan. (Details in the latter half of this report)

Representative of Teacher’s Gohan no Kai @ CASA

Representative of online salon for educators

Lecture achievements (including special classes)

Setagaya Elementary School attached to Tokyo Gakugei University (summer in-service seminar for teachers)

Kanoya University of Health and Sport Sciences

High School of Science and Technology (Taiwan)

Gifu North High School

Seiryo High School

Honsu Shoyo High School (ESS)

・Gifu Prefecture second year teacher training lecture (hosted by the Board of Education)

Year 2021

Education and Training Division, Gifu Prefectural Board of Education (Lecturer for initial teacher training)

Lecturer for basic facilitation course (online) Target: Initial teacher training (elementary, junior high, high school, special needs)

Ogaki-kita High School (Lecture on discovering global issues)

Lecturer for Gifu Prefecture’s project to support teachers and staff who learn by themselves

Kawashima Junior High School, Gifu Prefecture (to be held in October)

Kawashima Junior High School, Gifu Prefecture (to be held in October) ・Kanoya University of Health and Sport Sciences (to be held in November)


Sports groups and others

Kanie Town Youth Sports Team TEAM K

Nagoya Golden Wallers

Ginza Terasu

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Educational background
Gifu Kita High School – Tokyo Gakugei University

Sports Teaching Qualifications

Junior High School Teacher’s License 1 (Health and Physical Education)
High School Teacher’s License 1 (Health and Physical Education)
JDAC certified dance instructor (beginner)
Certified Recreational Instructor

Media Appearances
Appeared on Wallop TV (June 20, 2019)

Newspaper Appearance
Gifu Shimbun(June 6, 2019)

Gifu Shimbun(August 30, 2019)

Chunichi Shimbun/Chunichi Kakamigahara Citizen News(Aug 22, 2020)

Chunichi Shimbun(November 7, 2020)

Gifu Shimbun(March 1, 2021)

Chunichi Shimbun(March 29, 2021)

Gifu Shimbun (March 30, 2021)

Radio appearances
CBC Radio Appearance (August 2, 2019)

Appearance on CBC Radio (March 25, 2020)

Click here for the article on RadiChubu-RadiTube

Appearance on Seeds of Dreams Radio(August 2, 2019)

FM Wacchi Appearance(May 1-15, 2019)

Youtube program appearance (I’ll Say Gif Gif #120)

“From the World of Education” (Japan Association for the Promotion and Mutual Aid of Private Schools: 4 times in FY2020, Denmark, Tanzania, Taiwan, Nepal)


Gifu North High School Alumni Magazine (2049)

Experience of teaching education and sports in overseas
School in Tanzania, Africa

UZI primary school (sports exchange and environmental education activities)

Butimba secondary school (physical education and baseball coaching)

Nyamerege secondary school (physical education)

Azania secondary school (baseball coaching)

Zanzibar baseball club (baseball coaching)

Rehobopthi day care center

Rehobopthi day care center (sports instruction, English and math instruction support)

Schools in Nepal
Kathmandu Vidya Mandir (physical education)

School in Taiwan

Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (special class in Japanese language department, baseball coaching)

Kaohsiung City Lujhu Senior High School (observation and participation in physical education class)

Round-the-world trip: 251 days, 31 countries.

Through my round-the-world trip, I have seen, felt, and experienced a wide range of sports, from the world’s top sports to street sports.

Invited Mr. Ali from Tanzania to Japan (captain of the Tanzanian national team, competed in the Tokyo Olympics in East Africa). (He is the captain of the Tanzanian national team and will participate in the East African Games in the Tokyo Olympics.


Observed a practice session of the Nippon Ham Fighters

(Sho Nakata gave us his own baseball bat as a gift.

(Sho Nakata gave us his own baseball bat as a gift.) Joint practice with Okinawa Prefectural Motobu High School baseball team, Gifu Keizai University baseball team, and Gifu Kita High School baseball team was realized. Through baseball, the team achieved international exchange by building a bridge between Tanzania and Japan. (The bottom left is Ali crying because he was moved by his reunion in Japan with Mr. Nagao, a JICA member who first taught him baseball in Tanzania.

Top Sports

NBA game, Major League Baseball game, lesson experience at EXILE dance studio in NY, lesson experience at Debbie Reynolds in LA, observation of Latvian national team practice (basketball)

Phare in Cambodia, FC Barcelona stadium tour.

Street sports

Soccer: Denmark, Austria, Tanzania

Volleyball: Croatia, Cambodia

Dance: France, USA

Basketball: Netherlands

Table tennis: Denmark

Badminton: Nepal

Kabaddi: Nepal

Cricket: India, Nepal

Shuttlecock: Cambodia

Fitness gym (muscle training)

USA, Australia, Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Tanzania

Teaching experience

As a teacher
Instructed more than 150 sports instructors (total number of instructors)
Model class: Gifu Prefecture Health and Physical Education Teachers (2014)
Lecture on club activities to about 220 Gifu Prefecture teachers in their second year of teaching (2015)

Representative of Watts, a study group for health and physical education teachers (2016-2019)
National High School Health and Physical Education Committee Award for Excellent School (Dance Class Research)


Volunteer experience at “Mother Teresa’s House of Waiting for Death” in Kolkata, India (2018)

National High School Baseball Championship in Gifu, leading the entrance march (2013-2017)

Experience as head of health and physical education at a public high school in Gifu Prefecture (2017)

Volunteer study support for Taiwanese elementary school students in Japan (1997-2000)

Sports therapy volunteer for handicapped elementary school students (1997)

Future Activities

Expand Osheru Gakko to 47 prefectures in Japan and 194 countries around the world.

We will practice a form of education that meets the needs and connections of the people living in those places.

To be a bridge between Japan and the world, responding to the rapidly changing times without being bound by common sense.

We will continue to move forward, expanding our circle of solidarity in a friendly, fun, and vigorous manner ^_^🌸

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